Google+ Finds a New Design

After the dust has settled a bit on Facebook’s Timeline profile, Google+ has now changed its whole design. Even though it may seem like a Facebook, Twitter, and Skype triad, it is still very much its own Google+ style. With a completely different layout, I find it easier to navigate, more user friendly, and much better looking. But let’s take a look at it and see what you think…

The new home page is much cleaner, I find. The brunt of many jokes of the whole design, however, is the massive amount of white space on the right side of the page. (Here are a few that Mashable featured.)

On the left you see the side bar, which can also be rearranged by dragging and dropping the different icons where you want them or, if you don’t want them to show up at all, placing them in the “More” icon.

On the profile pages, Google+ has also adopted a cover photo, much like Facebook’s. This is good for Google+, I believe, because it did not seem before that there was much opportunity for personalization, but the addition of the cover photo increases the personalized feel.

Further down the sidebar on the “Explore” icon, you can see on the right side of the page that Google+ has now also added a trending topics section. This allows users to see what is most commonly being talked about on Google+. This will be an ever-changing list based on what is popular at that time.

They have also changed the way photos and videos look and are shared. They are bigger and, when a photo is within an album, there is a neat box that slides up to show you other photos within that album. Hangouts (video chats with up to 9 people) are still extremely useful. A hangout on a mobile device is basically a chat room between you and the friends you invite to it.

You can see the changes in this video by Google+ themselves.

What do you think of the new changes that have been made?

-Lauren Schafer, Social Media Strategist

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